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Involvement in clubs enhances the learning and social experience of MATE students. MATE clubs provide opportunities to learn from alumni and industry representatives who come share their knowledge, tour companies, volunteer for various outreach events, and sponsor social activities. 

club members visiting Northrop Gruman and a student outreach to elementary students

Alpha Sigma Mu (ASMu)

At Cal Poly's ASM chapter, students with at least junior standing and within the academic top third of their class are invited to join the society. To become members, students must fulfill community service and outreach requirements. The outreach program is dedicated to encouraging children and teens, particularly from under-served communities, to pursue a career in materials science and engineering. The annual highlight event of Alpha Sigma Mu is the Materials Engineering Department Banquet.

Visit their website for more info.

Materials Engineering Student Society (MESS)

MESS is dedicated to promoting student understanding of materials through alternative learning opportunities, including professional awareness, educational speakers, and projects aimed at learning and applying materials science and engineering concepts. We want everyone to find a place to fit in, so all majors are welcome!

For more info, visit the MESS website.

Microsystems Technology Group (MST)

MST represents a collection of dedicated students and faculty at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo who have identified a need for a multidisciplinary technical collaboration to explore the design and fabrication of micro/nano-scale devices. MST oversees the Cal Poly Microfabrication Laboratory, a fully functioning teaching and research Class 1000 facility that supports a variety of graduate and undergraduate projects.

Visit the MST website for more info.

National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)

NACE is a group of hardworking students looking outside the classroom to expand our education and make lifelong connections in corrosion. Corrosion is a growing field,and NACE enables us to further our education and prepare us for careers. The club holds regular meetings on campus, supports several corrosion related projects, and hosts special events and trips.

Learn more at the NACE website.


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