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Our alumni work in a variety of career fields, ranging from fabrication/processing, to aerospace and education. The companies many alumni work with include Boeing, Nike, JPL, Raytheon, SpaceX, and Tesla.​ 

                                                  pie chart displaying sectors MATE alumni work in

Our alumni help us continually improve the materials engineering program. Their generosity comes in the form of guest lectures, donations, job opportunities, and projects for students to learn by doing. Several alumni serve on our External Advisory Board (EAB).

Join our LinkedIn group:  Cal Poly SLO - Materials Engineering.


Industry partners, parents, our advisory board, and other friends of Materials Engineering are also valuable contributors to what makes our program great. Many 4th year MATEs working on their senior projects collaborate with industry partners. Advisory board members provide input that supports our continuous improvement.

We thank you for your continued involvement and investment in our future!

Ways You Can Support MATE

  • Share your story by sending us an email at about how your education is helping you succeed
  • Host a MATE student club event
  • Be a guest speaker at a club or class meeting
  • Sponsor a senior project
  • Hire a MATE for a summer internship or a job
  • Host an alumni gathering 
  • Join our External Advisory Board (EAB)
  • Donate equipment or supplies for students to use in our labs
  • Support us financially


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