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What is MATE?

photos of students working in labsMaterials Engineering is the study of the relationship between the atomic/molecular structure of materials, the way we process these materials to alter the structure, and the way that the structure influences the properties of the material. The ultimate goal is to optimize the performance of a material for a given design application by manipulating the structure, processing and property relationship. 

Why MATE at Cal Poly? 

Cal Poly Materials Engineering is the only primarily undergraduate materials engineering program of the 53 Materials Science and Engineering departments in the United States. We are student-centered with lots of hands-on learning by doing. Students proudly refer to our department as being a family because students, faculty and staff know and support each other. 

Faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a positive learning environment where students learn engineering fundamentals, gain experience with materials characterization and testing equipment, and develop teamwork and professional skills. The MATE curriculum allows flexibility with breadth electives, as well as specialization with technical electives.


Our vision is to collaboratively address the grand challenges of our time, especially sustainability and transformative learning, through our materials engineering program.


Our mission is to be a vibrant, creative, and effectual learning community that cultivates the unique capabilities of each member of our community to thrive in a complex, interconnected, technological, and ever-changing world. 


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