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Cal Poly Emergency Communications

The University Police Department's Communications Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with P.O.S.T. certified, professionally trained dispatchers. The University Police Department may be contacted at the following numbers:

Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-Emergency: 805-756-2281

There are blue emergency phones distributed throughout the campus. You can use any on-campus phone or your cell phone to contact us. If you use a cell phone, your call may be directed first to another agency and then be transferred to us.

When do you use 9-1-1? 

  • To report a life threatening event
  • To report an in-progress crime or incident
  • To report a medical emergency
  • To report an injury traffic accident
  • To report a fire
  • To report an emergency hazardous condition

What information does 911 need from you?

  • The nature of the emergency: what is happening, e.g. someone is stealing your car; a friend has passed out on the ground; or smoke is coming from your building.

  • The location of the incident: the building, room, parking lot, address, street intersection, landmark, city, county, or mile marker. What are you near?

  • The specifics of the incident: a description of the person(s) or vehicles involved; if there are weapons involved; the direction of travel of the suspect(s) or vehicle(s); if the patient is conscious and breathing; does the patient have a particular medical condition, i.e. diabetes; whether the vehicles are blocking the roadway.

What are some tips to remember?

  • Your call is being answered by a professionally trained dispatcher. Questions are asked in order to determine the proper resource(s) to send to assist you. Help is on the way.
  • Stay calm. This is often difficult in emergency situations, but remember we are here to help. We can't do that without your assistance and cooperation.
  • Don't hang up the phone. The dispatcher may have to put you on hold in order to dispatch the assistance you need.
  • If you are using a cell phone, your call may be transferred to another appropriate agency. If you get disconnected, call back. Cell phones often lose contact.
  • If your call is a non-emergency, you will be re-directed to a non-emergency number. 911 lines must be kept open for emergency calls only.
  • If you dial 911 by accident, do not hang up. If a dispatcher cannot reach you, a police officer will have to be sent to your location to determine the nature of your emergency.
  • Prank calls are against the law and you may be prosecuted for making such calls.

For more information about Cal Poly's emergency communications, click here. 

Safety Resources

MATE Department Contact Information

In a serious situation where calling emergency services is not necessary, please contact Trevor Harding, Eric Beaton, or the MATE Office. 

Trevor Harding Office - (805) 756-7163
Eric Beaton

Cell - (805) 704-2897 | Office - (805) 753-2518

MATE Office (805) 756-2568

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

41-142 MATE Shop

41-143 Furnace Lab

41-207 DSC & FTIR Lab

192-211 Mechanical Testing Lab

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