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Each student is unique and contributes to the diversity of the Materials Engineering Department. We like to say that our goal is to have every student come to our department as a unique individual, and every graduate to leave our department as a more educated unique individual ready to accomplish their future aspirations. About 250 students make up the MATE student body. MATEs come from all walks of life and represent every demographic: Women, Men, LGBTQIA, LatinX, African American, Asian American, White, International, Differently Abled, Traditional Students, Married Students, Students with children of their own, and on and on. We welcome all, and we believe in all. 


Involvement in clubs enhances the learning and social experience of MATE students. MATE clubs provide opportunities to learn from alumni and industry representatives who come share their knowledge, tour companies, volunteer for various outreach events, and sponsor social activities. 

Alpha Sigma Mu (ASMu)

The national Materials Engineering Honor Society

Materials Engineering Student Society (MESS)

Social and professional organization for MATEs

Microsystems Technology Group (MST)

Maintains and operates the Cleanroom

National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)

Professional organization for those interested in the corrosion protection industry

Textile Engineering

Focused on the science and engineering of fibers and textiles and the industries that use this technology

Student Forms: (Course subsitutions, withdrawals, repeats, time conflicts, etc.) 

  • Please see the Cal Poly Student Forms page FIRST the form is not here, refer to the Engineering Student Services page and use the various tabs
  • If you cannot find the form, you will need to go to the Engineering Student Services Office in Building 40
  • Complete the form and turn it into the correct office listed on the form

Permission Numbers

  • First email the professor why you want into this class and any other important details
  • The professor should respond and forward the message to the MATE office
  • The MATE office will then email you the permission number provided the professor allows it

Access to Lab and Conference Rooms

  • Swing by the MATE office and ask to be let into the lab/room
  • You can request to reserve conference rooms through contacting Cassi or student assistants (see faculty page)

Plan Meetings with Trevor Harding (Department Chair)

  • Come into the MATE office and ask the student assistant to help schedule a meeting with Trevor Harding
  • You can call the MATE office at 805-756-2568
  • You can also email with numerous options to plan a meeting

Community & Celebrations

Being a MATE student isn't all hard work! Community and celebrating our "mate-iness" are also a big part of the MATE experience. Students are often spotted in our main classroom and in our lounge area, studying together and hanging out. Students, faculty and staff gather informally during Dead Week to "de-stress" by enjoying some snacks and laughs together before finals. Our annual MATE Banquet is a department-wide celebration of what makes MATE great. We also hold a special graduating seniors' banquet and Spring commencement ceremony for our graduating MATEs to celebrate them and their accomplishments.

Resources for MATEs

Advising & Academic Success

CENG Advising Center (40 - 115)

Engineering Student Services provides an inclusive, respectful, encouraging environment that fosters the retention and graduation of all undergraduate engineering students. Through their Advising, Multicultural Engineering (MEP)International Exchange Program (IEP), and Tutoring Programs, ESS staff provides comprehensive services to guide and empower students to achieve their goals.

CENG can also be consulted regarding the various curriculum forms (e.g., Course Substitution Forms, Special Problems, Change of Catalog). They will help route the forms for signatures and processing by the Registrar's Office.

Get help from CENG tutors trained to assist you learn the material based on your learning style so you can excel on your exams and homework on your own.

Multicultural Educational Program (MEP)

The Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) is part of the CENG Advising Center. MEP recruits, retains and graduates a diverse population of students, especially groups which continue to remain the most underrepresented in engineering. 

Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority and Underrepresented Student Participation in STEM (LSAMP)

LSAMP is dedicated to broadening the participation of underrepresented minority (URM) students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

Supplemental Workshops in Science (SWS)

Supplemental Workshops in Science provide an accelerated learning environment for selected classes. Guided by trained facilitators, students participate in discussions, compare notes, develop study strategies and challenge their understanding with practice exams and worksheets. Workshops meet twice a week and earn one unit of academic credit.

Supplemental Workshops in Math (SWM)

Supplemental Workshops in Math is an intensive mathematics program for students who are enrolled in mathematics courses from MATH 100 to 143. SWM helps students master math concepts and promote collaborative learning, including concept enhancement, problem-solving and mock exams.


Career Services (124 - 114)

Take advantage of all the support (e.g., career fairs, jobs posted on MustangJOBS, workshops, individual counseling) Career Services offers!

When employers contact the MATE Office about jobs and internships, we refer them to Career Services and request that they post their opening on MustangJOBS.  We encourage alumni to post employment opportunities on our LinkedIn group page as well.


Robert E. Kennedy Library (Bldg. 35)

Check out the many resources available at Cal Poly's library! Search the Digital Commons to find senior projects papers, as well as articles written by MATE faculty. 


Study Abroad

Expand your learning by studying abroad for one or more quarters. 

For specific advice on how studying abroad will affect your courses, please consult with Dr. Trevor Harding

Learn more about Cal Poly's Study Abroad Programs.


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