Fee for Service (FFS)

We offer a limited set of services (e.g., scanning electron microscopy, metallographic image analysis, instron tensile testing, heat treating and processing, and consultation).  Learn more about our various fee for service options by viewing our forms below.

FFS Forms:

Please contact Trevor Harding for any matters regarding fee for service by phone at (805) 756-7163 or by email at


Key Request Form

  • Download the key request form and bring the completed form to the MATE Office (41A-229) for processing.
  • If you are requesting a metal key, you'll receive a card to take to the Key Shop (58-103) to obtain your key.  
  • E-key requests are submitted to CENG IT Services once a week. When your e-key arrives to the office, you'll receive an email notification to come pick up your key.


    MATE Purchasing Workbook

    MATE faculty and staff are here to support you in making purchases. Please consult your instructor/advisor before making any purchases for your project. Then use the MATE Purchasing Workbook to list the items you wish to purchase and to explain how you are going to store supplies and chemicals.

    Purchasing Workbook Instructions: 

    1. Download the MATE Purchasing Workbook and enter all data. DO NOT leave the 'Funding Source' field empty!
    2. Email the workbook to your faculty advisor/instructor.
    3. The faculty advisor/instructor will forward the workbook to both Cassi Goldsmith (MATE Administrative Coordinator) and Eric Beaton (MATE Technician), indicating their approval for the purchase and identifying the funding source. This step communicates which hazardous substances are being purchased so that Eric can ensure safe storage. Cassi will purchase your order. Please follow up with your advisor/instructor to make sure they have completed this step.
    4. After your purchase arrives, Cassi or Eric will inform you via email. Promptly pick up your items from the MATE Office (41A-229), and review proper storage of any hazardous substances with Eric.
    5. If you must transfer small amounts of your hazardous substance into smaller containers, properly label the smaller container with its contents (e.g., chemical name), type of hazard (e.g., flammable, poisonous, carcinogenic), your name and contact information, and date of transfer.


    List of Vendors Who Offer Discounted Supplies


    • Staples
    • School Specialty
    • Complete Book & Media Supply (CBMS) 
    • Amazon
    • B&H Photo Video
    • Dell
    • IRG
    • CDW 
    • Connection
    • HP
    Facilities Management
    • Grainger
    • Gordon Industrial Supply Company
    • Supply Works
    • Fastenal
    • Waxie
    • Vet Force
    Laboratory & Scientific, Medical & Athletic
    • Carolina
    • Henry Schein
    • Sigma- Aldrich
    • VWR International
    • Fisher Scientific 



    Please do not make any purchases without first obtaining approval from your instructor. All reimbursements for project work are for supplies used to design and/or analyze your project. Food costs will not be reimbursed.


    Senior Project

    Senior Project Storage Information Form. 


    All persons traveling on university business (University Traveler) must receive authorization to travel before booking any travel, including individual travelers or group travel. 

    Prior to booking travel each traveler should fill out their own pre-authorization form, and have  an Approving Official sign. Approving Official must have signature authority on chart fields listed, and hold an employment classification of MPP, Dept. Head, Dept. Chair or confidential. 




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