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Summer Opportunities in China

Explore China on a funded trip with Gotoco! (


Interested in traveling abroad this summer? Join Gotoco in China to gain a TEFL certificate and useful work experience in teaching, education and activity leadership. No prior experience in China, Chinese or teaching is required—just a passion for education and travel.



-- Earn a TEFL certificate (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language)

-- Explore China and its diverse culture

-- Learn some Mandarin, and take part in fun cultural exchange activities

-- Gain valuable work experience and references

-- Begin a summer of backpacking across Asia

-- Give Chinese students the chance to experience a new style of teaching

-- See stunning scenery, including the Karst mountains around Yangshuo, Guangxi

-- Check our website for more information:


*We hope to boost the number of Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo students taking part in future, so are reserving 10 positions for any students that apply with this link


**Gotoco is a social enterprise focused on boosting a broad range of cultural exchange and exploration opportunities between China and the West. One of our main projects is our annual China Summer Camp TEFL Teaching project. This is a FREE and FUNDED opportunity offered to 500 students per year from across the US, Canada, and the UK. All participants on this program are provided with free TEFL certification, meals, accommodation, beginner Chinese lessons and a 5-day tour of our base in the beautiful mountains of Yangshuo – a small town not far from the Vietnamese border. This is an excellent way to undertake useful work experience while exploring a fascinating country.


***On a summer program in China you will teach English or lead outdoor activities to help Chinese students (usually from 7-16 years of age) grow in confidence, develop their language skills and foster soft skills which will be invaluable to them throughout their life. You will receive TEFL training online prior to departure, and will work towards your TEFL certificate during your time in China, with the time you spend in the classroom building up your teaching experience. These skills will be extremely useful in any career you wish to pursue, and an understanding of Chinese culture will be vital to your international career.


***Coronavirus Update available here:

For more info, please check out our website, or email

Like on us Facebook at to learn more about China and to stay updated on our future programs.

To hear from past participants, check out our reviews on Trustpilot:

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