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The College of Engineering has a new LinkedIn Company Page! Stay connected and updated with Cal Poly CENG news by following their page. 


400 level units with Cal Poly Water and energy sustainability training team 

The Cal Poly Water and Energy Sustainability Training Team (WESTT) is currently accepting applications for their Summer 2018 research program. This is an incredible opportunity to be a part of cutting edge research related to water and wastewater treatment, algae production and algae biofuels.

For more information about this program and our goals visit our google plus page. Besides improving your resume and learning valuable analytical and laboratory techniques, 400 level units are available. Many of the skills learned through this experience are usually associated with graduate level research and will give you a head start in the field upon graduation. If you are interested in applying to this program for the upcoming quarter please fill out the application HERE. Please submit your application no later than June 5, 2018.


MATE Class of 2018 Senior Photo | May 22 | 2:30 PM | highland & California 

Are you a MATE Senior graduating Spring 2018? If so, come out to take the annual MATE Senior Photo with all of your graduating classmates! We will be meeting by the Cal Poly sign near Building 41A on Highland and California. 


Requesting Help with Recruitment for onlinE dissertation study

Are you between the ages of 18-25? Are you an Asian American Undergraduate Student? If so, participate in an online study about academic experiences and family relationships! Complete an online survey that will take ~20 minutes. As a thank you, you will have the chance to win 1 of 20 $25 Amazon gift card (the odds of winning are about 1 in 15). To participate, complete the online survey! For more questions, contact Stephanie Aoki (skaoki@asu.edu) and check out the flyer!


Cal Poly's 2018 Women's Science Fair | June 8 | 1PM - 3PM | UU (bldg 65 Rm 220) 

Join us in recognizing the work of women-identified students in STEM fields at Cal Poly’s 2018 Women’s Science Fair, where women-identified students can showcase their research and senior projects. Employers, alumni, and community members have been encouraged to attend this event, making this the perfect opportunity to talk directly with employers and spotlight your work. 

Sign up to display your project using this link! Sign ups will close Friday, May 18th. Questions? Contact genderequitycenter@calpoly.edu



Project Meetings | Mondays | 7PM - 9PM: Feel free to try out different project teams and be sure to introduce yourselves to the PMs if you’re new to EWB! Here are the team room locations: Fiji (Room 10-231), Malawi (Room 22-211), Local Projects (Room 22-313), Nicaragua (Room 22-212), Thailand (Room 11-104)

Sustainability Task Force (STF) | Mondays | 6PM - 7PM | Bldg 10-231: STF is open to everyone and is a space to identify problems in EWB and collectively create solutions to improve our club. 

IMPACT | Tuesdays | 11AM - 12PM | Library 216Q (fishbowls): IMPACT organizes volunteering events that unite EWB members and fellow Cal Poly students with local nonprofits dedicated to the community EWB Cal Poly knows and loves.  

Frisbee IMs | Wednesday | 6:30PM - 9:30PM: Engineers are so well known for their frisbee skills, so come one come all out to our frisbee games to prove that EWBer goobers can hang with the best. Check out the details with the sign up link

Tea Time | Thursdays | 11AM - 12PM | Library 216K (fishbowls): Tea Time is a time to chat with the president and vice president about anything and everything. It’s basically open office hours and we’d love to see you! Look out for our EWB shirts/boxes of tea!

Check out our Google Calendar!




James Dyson Award 

The James Dyson Award is an international engineering and design competition for students and recent graduates. They reward socially conscious, innovative students and recent graduates for developing meaningful solutions to real world problems. The brief: design somethings that solves a problem.

The best invention internationally is selected by James Dyson and is awarded $40,000 prize money. Their university department receives $6,000. Two international runners up receive $6000 each and $3000  is given to the winning project for each participating country. From March 27 through June 20, they will be looking for this year's winners and would love to give the talented students at Cal Poly the opportunity to compete! 




Part Time Student Safety Officer Opportunity

The Materials Engineering Department is hiring a part-time Student Safety Officer to assist with safety-related initiatives in our laboratories and with our student clubs and organizations. This is part of the department’s commitment to providing a safe, enabling work environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

The appointment would be for 3 to 4 academic quarters, providing some overlap with a new student who would take over. Therefore, ideally the successful applicant would be at a sophomore or junior stage in their degree, so that they will be able to help train and overlap with a successor – though applicants at all stages of their degree will be considered. Work-related training will be provided, and the student would meet regularly with other staff and faculty to help both parties complete safety-related tasks.

Duties will vary throughout the term but could include: routine inspection and maintenance of safety equipment and supplies, documentation and inventorying of hazardous materials, helping to prepare and organize standard operating procedures (SOP) for safe usage of equipment and lab activities, helping develop a system to track safety issues and their resolution, helping students develop their own SOP’s for club activities and projects, working with faculty and staff as part of the safety committee, and defining training and responsibilities for future student safety officers.

Experience with work in any kind of lab/shop environment is preferable but not essential, likewise experience with club/project activities. To apply, visit MustangJobs/Handshake. Rate of pay: $12.00/hr


MATE Summer Student Assistant Opportunity

The Materials Engineering Department is currently seeking two highly motivated and capable students to assist the MATE Instructional Support Technician for the summer. The MATE Summer Student Assistants will work closely with the MATE Instructional Support Technician to help clean and organize the MATE labs and the container storage in the courtyard. The MATE Summer Student Assistants should be familiar with the MatE labs, have good organization skills, be willing to scrub and clean as necessary and have the desire to improve the MatE Dept. experience for you and your fellow classmate. The position also requires demonstration of high standards of professionalism and adherence to safety. These positions are part time paid positions under the supervision of the MatE Instructional Support Technician. The position starts at $11.50/hour and will be roughly 5 hours/week (but can be variable).

Preferred Experience: MATE major, Metallography experience, Chemistry used in Metallography lab 

Required Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of MATE labs, equipment, procedure
  • Knowledge of lab safety, including proper chemical waste disposal
  • Willingness to assist in scrubbing and cleaning labs of MATE labs
  • Having good organization skills
  • Ability to suggest and implement lab improvements


Internship Opportunity at Tesla 

Tesla's Materials Reliability and Testing group is currently looking for strong internship candidates to work on several corrosion-related projects this summer. Both undergraduate and graduate students with metallurgical focus will be considered. If you are interested, please contact Ben Tiemens (btiemens@tesla.com)




College of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Central Florida (UCF) Ph.D. Opportunities 

The College of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Central Florida (UCF) will be adding 100 new funded PhD students across 6 Departments including Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) in Fall 2018. They are looking to recruit high quality students for this program. If you are interested in applying, take a look at the flyer and application website for more info.


UC MERCED MACES Graduate Recruitment

With the help of a $5 million award from NASA, UC Merced has established MACES (Merced nanomaterials Center for Energy and Sensing), a nexus for promoting functional nanomaterial-based research and education. MACES faculty members are looking for highly motivated students with strong academic performance to join us for Ph.D. graduate study. Students who participate in our program would benefit from multidisciplinary research training, guidance by two mentors, usually from multiple majors (sometimes even from NASA), and access to state-of-the-art facilities. Furthermore, students who are U.S. citizens will have an opportunity to participate in NASA internships by working at NASA Research Centers. This will help further develop their research skills and serve as a stepping stone for future employment at NASA. For more info, check out the brochure, cover letter, and flyer! If you have any further questions, please contact maces@ucmerced.edu.





From Dr. Harding: Here's an interesting program for study overseas in Munich Germany. There are courses in Fracture & Fatigue and also Composite Materials that would definitely count toward Technical Electives in your MATE degree.

Please feel free to set up an appointment to talk with me about this opportunity if you are interested.




Wind Energy Opportunities in Peru!

If you're interested in renewable energy, like to travel, looking for something to do this summer, and like helping people, this might be a great opportunity for you. The WindAid Program focuses on building turbines in Peru for communities without electricity.

Following a phenomenal 2017 (86 volunteers from 22 countries), they have already had 44 volunteers sign up for our 2018 programs! They are delighted to be welcoming them to help install and maintain wind turbines to deliver clean, cheap energy to rural communities in Peru. While constructing and installing the wind turbines, volunteers are directly integrated into multiple opportunities including Research AND Design, Community Engagement, and Building Skills for the Future! Apply here and check out the flyer for more info! 


Cal Poly Hunger Program Meal Vouchers

The Cal Poly Hunger Program ensures that all students have access to nutritious meals each day in order to stay focused on their education and success at Cal Poly. Any student is welcome to use these free, confidential, no-hassle services.

Meal vouchers are available to students experiencing a short-term financial need. Students can dine at 19 Metro Station (an all-you-care-to-eat restaurant) during the school year and the Avenue (food court) during the summer. Vouchers are distributed at the location shown below. Fore more information, visit the Student Affairs website.

Pick-Up Location: Dean of Students: Hillcrest, Building 81, 1A


CESAME (Center for Engineering, Science, and Mathematics Education) Opportunities 

CESAME is offering multiple programs to engage and teach elementary and middle school students subjects related to STEM. Here are some of the programs:

  • MOST (Mentors In Out Of School Time): Teach STEM-focused modules to students in an after school program at a local school. (Paid/Course Credit)
  • LBDL (Learn by Doing Lab): Engage visiting 3rd-8th grade students in hands-on labs on campus. (Course Credit)
  • TEAMS (Teacher Assistants in Mathematics and Science): Tutor or assist Math, Science, or AVID teachers in local middle school or high school classrooms. (Paid/Course Credit)

To learn more about these programs, visit CESAME, or contact them at cesame@calpoly.edu


NSERC CREATE Quanta Program

The NSERC CREATE program, called Quanta (Quantum Nanotechnology Training in Alberta), is held jointly between the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary. This program is specifically designed for incoming graduate students that have an interest in developing the next generation of quantum technologies. Students can work with truly state-of-the-art equipment, such as dry dilution refrigerators, ultra-cold atom machines, Canada's best nanofabrication facilities, and a metropolitan fiber network. In addition to a rigorous academic education, graduate students will receive enhanced professional development training, to ensure that they are ready to excel in industry. For more information and to apply, see the attached poster and brochure and visit the website!  


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