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PCS MS Seminar by Kiersten Smith

Kiersten Smith, PCS MS candidate, will present her thesis defense seminar on, Friday May 22nd, 10:10 – 11:00 AM.

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Topic: Altering an Epoxy-Amine Thermoset’s Performance Through Varying Mix Ratios

Work conducted at: Meissner Filtration Products

Epoxy resins are used in a number of different industries and therefore have application-specific material requirements, from satellites that require materials to operate in space, to paints and coatings that focus on ease of application by the enduser, to medical devices, designed to be in continuous contact with biological fluids. When manufacturing bioprocessing products for the medical field, a company is under a limited capacity to change materials of construct. Determining how to modify the preparation and processing conditions in order to control the material properties of a cured epoxy would benefit bioprocessing product manufacturers as it would allow them to use the same epoxy formulation that meets different application-specific requirements of different products. Five FDA compliant epoxy systems that were designed for medical applications were characterized to determine how variations in preparation and processing conditions, such as mix ratio and cure conditions, affect the final properties of the cured epoxy, including glass transition temperature, chemical resistance, and coefficient of thermal expansion. Methods for characterizing the glass transition temperature were optimized to reveal that the mix ratio has a direct influence on the Tg and crosslink density of the epoxy material, influencing a number of performance properties that were investigated in this study.

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