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MESS Elections

May 14, 2019| 7:10 PM | 41A-204

Mess elections for next year will be held on May 14, 2019. The following positions are available:

  • President - oversees the club and is in charge of most administrative tasks as well as looking for new opportunities for club expansion
  • Vice President - Helps organize club events and typically leads t-shirt design/acquisition
  • Treasurer - Receives funds during fundraising events, handles getting PRF's processed
  • Project Manager- Initiates, leads and coordinates all large projects
  • Secretary - takes meeting minutes and is responsible for getting information out to those who need IT
  • Class Reps - responsible for communication between MESS officer board and their respective classes

We would greatly appreciate if everyone could come out to this meeting, if not to run for a position then to at least vote. Your involvement in the club can directly improve the college experience for not only yourself, but the major as a whole. Pizza will be provided! 

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