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MATE Transfer Red Tag Certification

MESS is hosting an event to get transfer students red tag certified in the machine shops. Since transfers don't take the 110 series (when most MATEs get certified), this will let you take advantage of Cal Poly's awesome work spaces! 

The event is Saturday, October 5, from 11 AM - 3 PM. The first hour will be an opportunity to socialize, eat pizza, and complete the online safety training. Then there will be an official facilities tour from 12 - 3 PM.

If you are a new transfer, this will also let you meet transfers from last year who will be getting certified with you. If you don't have prior shop training and would like to get more comfortable with the safety materials before the tour, (or you hate safety quizzes and want to spend a full hour eating pizza) all the prerequisite materials you need to complete are provided here. 

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