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MATE Student Town Hall Agendas

MATE Student Town Hall Agenda 4/9/2020

1. Stay healthy - Stay home and stay off campus to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

2. Watch/read your emails for updates. Email is the best and will be the most used form of communication this quarter.

Upcoming Deadlines

a. April 15th - last date for students to drop or add a class on their own

b. April 20th - students should NOT make a decision on CR/NC before this date - it won't be captured by the system software and could confuse their GPA

c. April 25th - last day for students to add a class under special circumstances with no penalty/fee

d. June 5th - last day for students to declare whether they will take a class CR/NC

4. New Credit/No Credit Policy

a. On the credit/no credit policy, students will be allowed to take at least 16 units of major AND support courses CR/NC. This may go up to unlimited if the faculty approve.

b. In addition, they can take an unlimited number of GE units CR/NC.

c. These policy changes apply only to Spring 2020, and any units taken CR/NC this Spring will not affect opportunity for CR/NC courses in the future.

d. GPA Impact

e. Change in requirements (no longer 2.0 or better to apply)

5. New Forms and Procedures

a. Check for updated forms.

b. The Office of the Registrar has a converted some forms to be online. These are happening in a few different formats.

c. Some are an easy PowerForm, which the student can complete via a link on the Registrar's website. Others are more complicated and the student has to send an email (following a specific template on the Registrar's website). Most forms however, are still PDF forms.

f. We do not know if and when forms will be converted. Please first check the Registrar's website for the latest on that specific forms and procedures:

6. Virtual Office Hours – faculty will hold office hours via Zoom for their enrolled students. Email faculty directly if you are not in their class(es) and would like to contact them. Contact information can be found here:

7. Virtual Learning Resources – This website will help students prepare themselves for a dynamic quarter of virtual learning and access critical services and programs they need to succeed.

8. Basic Needs Initiative – the Basic Needs Initiative takes a holistic look at students’ well-being both inside and outside the classroom, from housing and food security to mental health.:

9. Software access – we are working hosing software (including CES) on a cloud that you can download. It is still in the works, but we will send out the information as soon as it’s available.

10. Virtual Open House April 18th – email Cassi ( your information if you are interested in participating in the panel.

a. Separate Virtual Open House for Clubs – we may have a separate virtual open house for clubs, if there is enough interest.

11. Department Chair will be sending a survey to all students about summer internships, keep an eye open for it.

12. All MATE Senior Projects are over – no labs on-campus, off-campus, or at home, the only exception is computer modeling, NO equipment use and you cannot prepare samples.

13. Concerns/Questions – if there are any critical questions before the next Town Hall, feel free to email us ( In addition, if there is an item that you would like us to address and bring information upon, please feel free to email those items.

MATE Student Town Hall Agenda 4/23/2020

Agenda Coming Soon.

MATE Student Town Hall Agenda 5/7/2020

Agenda Coming Soon.

MATE Student Town Hall Agenda 5/21/2020

Agenda Coming Soon.

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