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Job Openings at Micron

Below are listings for two job openings at Micron, a company in Boise, ID that specializes in semiconductor technology.  Note that there is an opening at the BS level and another at the MS level. 

Bachelors students: Careers at Micron - Workday (
Masters students: I couldn’t find the external link but here’s the description of the job. If anyone is interested please have them reach out directly to our alum, Jessica Fordham ( to express your interest; She knows the hiring managers personally and can help with your application process.

Job Description
•    The Process Engineer role is responsible for monitoring the health of their assigned processes, ensuring high-quality output, and providing proactive redundancy plans for bottlenecks that could impact Fab cycle time (CT) or turns.  Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 
Responsibilities and Duties Include: 
•    Detail methods of development and best-known procedures, document and transfer developed processes, and communicate results with senior management team and manufacturing partners 
•    Document and communicate plans, status, and results of R&D projects in written reports and presentations, including the analysis and interpretation of data 
•    Work collaboratively with other Micron engineers and equipment vendors to improve and test new equipment, new chemicals, new process analysis software, and drive process improvements 
•    We work in a highly collaborative environment with R&D and HVM (high volume manufacturing) partners in globally diverse geographic locations
•    Review various technical journals and industry literature to identify potential intellectual property (IP) opportunities and file disclosures to advance the protection of IP in the execution of your work
•    Attends and participates in SPC, Rework, Module, Transfer and other meetings as needed  
•    Partners with HVMs in data collection, gap analysis, and improvement implementation as part of Benchmarking and transfer activities 
•    Proactively communicates issues that could cause yield loss, excursions, defects, tool restrictions, or output loss to key stakeholders 
•    Analyzes data to make critical decisions to solve process problems, window limitations and drive cost reduction activities  
•    Responds to chronic SPC performance issues by driving to fix root cause  
•    Coordinates and leads meetings and initiates follow-up actions  
•    Continually works on redundancy efforts to keep line running in down tool situations 
Qualifications and Skills Include: 
•    Understanding of optics including the principles and application of immersion lithography, polarized illumination, and low k1 imaging 
•    Experience with chemical process specific to lithography, including various materials used in substrate preparation and coated materials for use in 365 nm, 248 nm, 193nm, and EUV lithography 
•    Possess skills and experience with material properties and characterization techniques in development of photolithography processes 
•    Ability to develop and manage relationships with diverse teams and suppliers; possess high emotional intelligence and savvy 
•    Driven and passionate to understand or can demonstrate knowledge of common memory chip architectures and the required process steps utilized to build them 
•    Strong skills in the application of project management to complete project style work for periods of weeks up to a year in duration and proven ability to multi-task complex projects  
•    Ability to seek and tackle hard problems using Design of Experiments (DOE) with sophisticated statistical software like JMP, Minitab, Tableau, Excel, Qoniac, PowerPoint, other SoV tools 
•    Advanced understanding of the process flow related to area equipment  
•    Strong leadership skills with the proven ability to coordinate efforts across a variety of groups  
•    Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to efficiently organize teams and projects  
•    Proven ability to lead and coordinate meetings and initiate follow-up actions   
•    Proven ability to troubleshoot complex problems and address root causes  
•    Strong analytical problem-solving skills  
•    Proven time management, organization, and prioritization skills  
•    Proven ability to troubleshoot issues related to process flows  
•    Proven ability to follow procedures and work with minimal supervision

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