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Hyperloop Design Lead

Cal Poly Hyperloop is now accepting applications for Design Lead (DL) positions for the 2020 competition! 

For those who may not know what our club is about, we are a multi-disciplinary club here at Cal Poly, building a pod to race in a vacuum tube for the Annual SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. We encourage you to visit the SpaceX website for more details about the competition. There will of course be opportunities to get involved this Summer and next Fall for those who want to be a part of the team but not be a Design Lead. 

That being said, if you are interested in being a DL we will need you to fill out this survey: 

Applications are due on Thursday, May 30th by 11:59 pm. We encourage students from any department to apply! 

Once applications are reviewed, we will reach out to schedule interviews for those selected. Interviews will take place on Saturday, June 1stIf this date does not work for you, please contact us at with your name and what dates/times work for you the following week before the application period ends. 

 In general, Design Leads will: 

  • Be responsible for overseeing the detailed design of their entire subsystem 
  • Work closely with the officers to ensure deadlines are met 
  • Cooperate with other design leads to ensure sure the pod comes together smoothly 
  • Manage a dynamic group of designers to optimize the efficiency of their team 

This is a management position, but this will also require extensive hands-on involvement and dedication. This pod is a massive undertaking, and to complete it we will need to utilize every resource available to us.  

Full List of Design Lead Positions

Braking Design Lead: Responsible for designing a system capable of slowing the pod to a fast and safe stop. This may include frictional brake pads, magnetic braking, or regenerative braking for example.

Transportation Design Lead: Responsible for supporting and navigating the pod down the track. Also responsible for suspension of the pod and mitigating roll, pitch, and yaw disturbances.

Propulsion Design Lead: Responsible for designing a system to accelerate the pod to its maximum speed as fast as possible. Types of propulsion may be brushless motors, DC motors, in-hub motors, linear induction motors, or any other type of propulsion that lies within SpaceX guidelines.

Controls Design Lead: Responsible for designing the controls system to communicate with the propulsion system and all the sensors on the pod. Must understand and be able to create state diagrams.

Power Systems Design Lead: Responsible for designing a battery system to power the pod. Works closely with controls and other teams to create power budgets for the pod and create circuitry to control the pod.

Chassis: Responsible for designing the framework that will hold the pod and its components together. This position will require close communication with other teams to ensure everything fits together properly.

Manufacturing: Responsible for overseeing and managing all manufacturing for the 2019-2020 pod. Must have machining experience (CNC strongly desired).

R&D: Responsible for looking into new technology or designs that could be beneficial to our pod, as well as assessing their feasibility. Emphasis will be put on feasibility and scalability of such technology.

Business & Marketing: Responsible for media outreach, finding industry sponsors, maintaining club website.

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