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CPE Capstone opportunity for your senior project students


URGENT: We're looking for a few exceptional and motivated students to join a few spectacular Winter/Spring Capstone projects. These projects standout as exemplary multidiscipline opportunities with real world applications and the latest technologies supported by demonstrated successful clients and advisors. Talk to your advisor/department chair about substituting these courses, CPE350/450, for your capstone/senior project class(es). If you are interested in learning more about the projects or adding CPE350 in winter quarter, contact: Rich Murray (Capstone Instructor, or Lynne Slivovsky (CPE Director,

1- JPL Mars Curiosity II:

This project is a stage II continuation of the Spring 2019 Project led by five Cal Poly Electrical Engineering students. This project initiated after NASA declassified detail design and mission data from the Curiosity Mars Rover (data vault made public by NASA in 2018). The Poly JPL Rover is an open source, build design, scaled down version of the 6 wheel rover “Curiousity” that JPL/NASA deployed to explore the surface of Mars. The original project succeeded in building a physically scaled Rover with basic capabilities This second phase project is intended to:

1- Complete the motion system for mission completion using autonomous navigation, 2- Add AI image recognition, and obstacle avoidance using LIDAR and high resolution camera(s), 3- Solar Panel implementation, and structural upgrades motion (legs) using 3D metal printing, 4- Add Biological Soil instrumentation arm(for organic life sampling and measurement)

Project team will have access to the large data vault with electrical, hardware and host firmware/code access. Includes machine learning and big data downloads to host base. Some opportunity for ULF and real time GPS coms over Wifi. This project needs a passionate system and team leader.

Needed additional capabilities (3-4 students) to core team are Bio-Engr, BMED, Soils Engr, Mech Engr, Materials Engr, CS, EE, Environmental Engr.

Final Senior Project Report available upon request:   Original reference link:

2- IoT Smart Home Irrigation system:

This project is sponsored by a demonstrated successful industry entrepreneur who also leads a West Coast Angel Investor group. The client just had one of his new startups successfully secure investing on The Shark Tank. This project is an ongoing accessory from our Fall 2019 team and this added project focuses on an accessory involving the creation of a soil measurement and detection device that wirelessly communicates to a host Smart Irrigation Controller. The new Solar Powered device will measure PH, moisture, temperature and other localized conditions including root and plant health thereby closing the loop on automating efficient landscape care.

Needed additional capabilities (3-4 students) to core team are Soils Engr, Mech Engr, Materials Engr, CS, EE, Environmental Engr, Business, Marketing.

3- NeoCharge (electric vehicle charger) accessory:

This project leverages our own Cal Poly startup NeoCharge which birthed from our Multi-Disciplinary class and went on to win the 60s Pitch and subsequent participation in the CIE Summer Accelerator Program. Having launched their first product - a home user installable electric vehicle charge sharing appliance, they are sponsoring an accessory project which leverages electric utility load balancing and AI capability to maximize charging efficiency and lower charging costs. 

Needed additional capabilities (3-4 students) to core team are  ME, CS, Materials, MFG, EEs.

4- PolyOne Smartphone:

Finally, there is one new very exciting project code named "PolyOne Smartphone" which initiated with a team of four Electrical Engineering Seniors this Fall 2019. The mission is to design and build a College student centric SmartPhone. PolyOne will provide a superior and unique student tool providing built in resources such as Canvas (previously PolyLearn) integration, PASS, university comms, teacher class integration, unsurpassed  custom security and privacy, and FREE unlimited voice communication while connected to the Poly Infrastructure. The device aims to level the playing field as a key "learn by doing" emabling tool for all Cal Poly students regardless or income, demographic, or special needs requirements. The device will also include an "anti- collision" system improving the safety of our students while walking, jogging, or biking on campus (IP pending on behalf of the university). Also included will be an "instant help" emergency capability further providing continuous personal safety for our students 24/7. Needed additional capabilities (5-7 students) to core team are: CS, CPE, ME, Social Science, Bio, Bio-Engr, Matls, MFG, Business, Contract Law. Prof Murray is lead advisor, champion and technical overseer. 


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