Spring Week 5 Announcements



Week 5 MATE de-stress: 5/4 (Th)   |  11 AM - 12 PM  |  Bldg. 192 Lawn

Come de-stress with your MatEs, while enjoying some food and games!

MATE BOOK CIRCLE: Respond to the polL!  - NEW!

Here is a link to buy your copy for as little as $5! We also encourage people to share books or find digital copies as well! Once the group is established we will find a convenient time to meet up over a cup of coffee to discuss ideas/themes in the book.

Please fill out this poll with your availability so we can schedule a time each week to meet. Note: Please put your email in the comments section of the poll.


EWB MEETINGS: Check out their google calendar

  • Mondays @ 6 PM: Sustainability Task Force Meeting -  Bldg 53-202
  • Mondays @ 7 PM: Project Meetings - India 53-202; 10-227 Nicaragua; 33-287 Thailand; 53-202; 53-206 Malawi; 53-213 Local Projects
  • Mondays @ 9:30 PM: Intramural Frisbee (bring light and dark shirts)
  • Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM at one of the Library 2nd floor fishbowls: IMPACT - Come by if you want to make a difference locally by volunteering in SLO!
  • Fridays from 1 PM – 3 PM at the 2nd floor of the Library facing the front: EWB Tea Time - Come chat and enjoy some tea

May 6 (Sat) : Alumni Weekend Activities

Coffee, Donuts, and Conversation   |   10:30 AM - 12:30 PM   |   480 Buchon St

Slo Do Co catered donuts and coffee will be served while alumni and students share stories about present and past projects and experiences.

Brewery Crawl   |   3-6 PM  |   Meet at PAC Circle

Traveling to a few local breweries to enjoy some great local beer, and possibly a tour or two if there is a brewmaster available.

Game Night  |  Starting at 9 PM   |   Location TBD

Play cards, board games, charades, and hang out after the brewery tour.

May 7 (Sun) : Alumni Weekend Activities

Beach Day   |   1-4 PM   |   Pismo Beach 

Meet us at Pismo Beach for an afternoon of games and relaxation. Find us to the left of the pier by the volleyball courts!



Quality of Life Plus Student Association QL+ SA Meetings/Events

  • Tues 6-7 PM – general meetings – our lab in Bldg. 192
  • 5/6 (Sat) – Circuit filter workshop
  • 5/11 (Th)  | 11AM   |   QL+ Lab – Southern California Edison information session - Representatives from the company will be there to provide insight into the types of opportunities available in the company as well as answer questions.

Call for Challengers

The QL+ mission is to foster and generate innovations to aid and improve the quality of life of those injured in the line of duty.

QL+ is currently seeking challenges for the 2017/18 school year. These challenges can originate from a specific person with a challenge. They can also be generated based on a need of many in the veteran community.

If you know of a challenger or would like to propose a senior level project for consideration we would like to hear from you. By proposing an idea it would allow you to potentially design a project based on your interest. Please feel free to email me at sabrina.jenkins@qlplus.org


Inclusion Starts with Me - Teach On! Series: UU Hour  |  Thursdays (4/20 - 6/1)  |  10-222 - NEW!

Everyone is welcome to attend Teach On! lectures.  View the schedule.


"Interdisciplinary Hauntings: Race, Gender, and the Practice of Science": 5/11 (Th)  | 4:10 PM  | ATL (Building 7) - NEW!

What do morning glory flowers or alien plant and animal species have to do with the histories of gender, race or eugenics? In this talk, Subramaniam will trace the genealogies of ecology and evolutionary biology to demonstrate how foundational ideas of “variation” in biology are inextricably connected to ideas of “diversity” and “difference” in the humanities. Making a passionate case for interdisciplinary work across the humanities and natural and social sciences, this talk explores how histories of gender and race shape contemporary biological theories and what lessons we can learn about the relationships between natures and cultures.

Sponsored by Cal Poly College of Liberal Arts (CLA); Science, Technology & Society Minors Program, Biological Sciences, and Women’s & Gender Studies Department.


Student of Color Summit | 5/20 (Sat) | 9-5 PM | Various locations

This summit will build a foundation for students to navigate through their lives as persons of color or underrepresented individuals and give them a sense of what communities of change can look like. The hope is that students and all attendees will leave with new found motivation to spread knowledge and find the courage to move others to become social justice advocates. Faculty and staff will have the opportunity to build relations with students throughout the day, especially at lunch where students will meet the various Faculty Staff Associations.

Questions can be directed to mcc@calpoly.edu, or on the link!

RSVP form for students: https://goo.gl/forms/lVXcTj12qpCRMMib2




The American Ceramic Society’s Lewis C. Hoffmann Scholarship  Applications due mAY 5 

The American Ceramic Society’s Lewis C. Hoffmann Scholarship is a one-time $2000 tuition award for outstanding junior- or senior-level undergraduates who have acquired at least 70 credit hours. Applicants will be judged on their GPA (to be verified by a faculty recommendation letter), recommendation of faculty, extracurricular activities, and a 500 word essay on the topic of  "Low Dimensional Structures and Properties in Electronic Ceramics.” The recipient of the scholarship will receive a plaque and scholarship check at the MS&T meeting in October.

Details of the nomination/application procedure are available here!


hOWARD c. cHRISTIANSENT truST 17/18 SCHOLARSHIP  Applications due mAY 8

The Howard C. Christiansen Trust established an endowed scholarship in 2016 for students pursuing a bachelors or graduate degree in the study of engineering. Scholarship nominees for the CSU Trustees’ Award will be reviewed first. If there are not enough applicants nominated who are in an engineering field, then the scholarship may be awarded to a second pool of engineering applicants outside the CSU Trustees’ Award.

Three (3) $6,000 scholarship will be awarded for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Read more here.  Download the application.

Email applications directly to Kathi Good.





Anamet, inc. provides materials engineering analysis and laboratory testing services to a diverse base of industries, government entities, and law firms. Anamet’s core competencies include Materials Failure Analysis, Mechanical and Metallurgical Testing, and Chemical Analysis. Anamet has built long-term relationships with our clients by consistently delivering practical, timely, and cost-effective solutions to their testing and engineering evaluation needs.

Anamet Inc. is currently seeking a full-time (40 hrs per week) Materials Engineering Laboratory Technician


Summer 2017 John Hopkins Engineering/Physics Instructor and Teaching Assistant - NEW!

CTY offers challenging academic programs for highly talented elementary, middle, and high school students from across the country and around the world. We are currently seeking highly motivated and qualified candidates to work in our summer programs. Information regarding employment and our summer programs can be found at cty.jhu.edu/jobs/summer.

For more information about these positions, site locations, program dates, and access to our online employment application, please see our website, cty.jhu.edu/jobs/summer, or contact us via email at ctysummer@jhu.edu or by calling 410-735-6219.


Enovix - Summer 2017 Internships 

Enovix is looking for engineering students to work during the summer of 2017.  Candidates will work in a hands-on research and development and pilot production environment producing and testing revolutionary Li-ion energy storage cells.
Interns will
  • conduct experiments, design processes and tooling and gain experience with semiconductor front and back end process equipment including wet processing (etching & plating), mechanical processing (machining, laser dicing) and electrical testing.
  • be given self-contained projects that can be completed over the internship assignment and will report into engineers within the company
  • prepare experimental plans for their work, collect and analyze process and test data and prepare reports for their work and conclusions, including a final presentation at the on the summer presented to the engineering team and executives of the company.

Email your qualifications and resume to careers@enovix.com.  Learn more here.




Outreach Opportunity: Atascadero High School Cal Poly Student Speakers  |  May to June - New!

My students always enjoy hearing from the students at Cal Poly about their engineering projects! I am looking for people in the fields of math, science, and engineering who would be willing to come speak to my classes about your careers/majors and the technical aspects of what you do everyday. It would be great if you could bring in something you are working on or some kind of demonstration piece, although that would not be necessary. I have three periods of Calculus - see the dates and times. If you are interested in coming to speak to one or multiple periods please let me know.

Please complete and email this guest speaker bio form to me.  This way I can have my students better prepared for your presentation.
Danielle DeLuca, AP Calculus teacher  |  Atascadero High School


National Engineering Competion: Driver vs. Driver - New!

Season Two of Driver vs. Driver is about to get underway with submissions being accepted from May 2 though June 4. Season Two of Driver vs. Driver will follow the journey a product idea takes – from napkin sketch to prototype to a final, finished product – to reach the PGA Tour and be played by thousands of professional and amateur players worldwide.

If selected as a finalist, students will not only have the chance to travel and participate in the television show, but also work alongside aerospace engineers, industrial designers and product development specialists from WilsonLABS, the innovation hub at Wilson. The winning individual or team will take home a cash prize, and we will ultimately produce the driver under the Wilson brand name.

Learn more this program.



Enjoy this summer living in the beautiful city of San Sebastian while attending TECNUN University of Navarra, School of Engineering. Take Engineering classes at TECNUN and/or language classes at ILCE in Barcelona and experience the culture by exploring museums and traveling to Madrid, Barcelona and more!

For more information, visit the Cal Poly study abroad website!


LGBTQ+ Engineering Conference

Are you an LGBTQ+ business, marketing, engineering, or tech student? Consider applying to one of the Out for Undergrad Conferences!

At the conference you'll be able to:

  • Network with inspiring LGBTQ professionals and recruiters
  • Explore thrilling, important roles in Engineering, Tech, Business, and Marketing
  • Learn about making the transition from school to professional life
  • Build friendships with LGBTQ peers nationwide
  • Full travel and lodging scholarships for all admitted students

Apply here: http://outforundergrad.org/apply/

See attached flyers for more details (Flyer 1, Flyer 2).


Virtual Reality Research Project 

A research project on virtual reality simulations is being conducted by a graduate civil engineering student, in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. The purpose of the study is to analyze the possibilities of using virtual reality in a school setting. A $5.00 Starbucks gift card will be offered to each participant.

If you are interested, please visit this link! If you pass the 5- 10 minute screening test, you will be contacted with more information.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kristina Mai at klmai@calpoly.edu and/or Dr. Anurag Pande atapande@calpoly.edu.


Summer Program in Spain at the Universidad de Navarra, Tecnun - Applications due Apr 23 (Module 1) & May 29 (Module 3)

Come enjoy a fantastic summer educational experience in Spain. The Universidad de Navarra offers a summer program open to Cal Poly students. The program consists of a 2- week technical course (~2 units with more available through independent study) and a 3- week language and culture class (4 unit GE C1 or C2). This year you can choose from “Engineering Across Cultures” or “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency” for the technical course. These courses are taught at the engineering campus of the Universidad de Navarra, Tecnun, in San Sebastián in the heart of the Basque country. The technical classes run from June 27th to July 7th. The language and culture class is for the first time being offered in Barcelona! This class is tracked for several levels of ability in Spanish. It will run from July 10th to July 28th. You can sign up for either or both of these “modules”.

Learn more here or contact Dr. Andrew Davol if you would like to discuss this program.


ATM Committee E04 Student Presentation Contest | Nov 15 | Hyatt Regency Atlanta  Abstract Due Sept 1

Graduate and undergraduate students are invited to submit an abstract for the ASTM Committee E04 Student Presentation Contest held in conjunction with the Symposium Commemorating 100 Years of E04 Development of Metallographic Standards. The event welcomes topics spanning metallographic preparation, examination and characterization as well as those technologies associated with ASTM Committee E04 standards development activities

Interested participants should send a 250-300 word abstract via email to Janet Gbur at JLG120@case.edu by September 1. For more information, check out their flyer!

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