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Students interested in these scholarships should complete the FASFA form not later than March 2 of each academic year. If you have questions, please contact the department office.

George & Tonny Murray Scholarship

Dr. Murray was the Department Head from 1984 to 1986 and established this scholarship when he retired.Approximately $675 per year (amount varies)To freshman who demonstrated promise with best GPA in his/her freshman year (normally determined after spring grades are in).

1. Materials Engineering major
2. Must have taken 'prescribed math, chem., and physics coursework in first year sequence'
3. Financial need to be used as a deciding factor if several good candidates are within .3 GPA points
4. Must be a sophomore in upcoming fall quarter

James J. Regan Scholarship

Approximately $2500 per year Jim Regan is a 1968 graduate of the department and practices law in Southern California

1. Materials Engineering major
2. Minimum 2.0 GPA and good academic standing
3. Student must be working on a part time basis to assist with cost of attendance

Gregory Stines Memorial Scholarship

Approximately $250 per year (amount varies)Greg Stines was a student in the department killed in an automobile accident in 1984 while working in Southern California between his junior and senior year. This scholarship was established as a memorial by his fellow students.

1. Materials Engineering major
2. Class level: Junior
3. Scholastic achievement
4. Preference for financial need

W. D. Forgeng Award

Approximately $225 (amount varies)As an award, it can be disbursed during the spring quarter.Dr. Forgeng was a Professor in the department who retired in 1997 Basic eligibility:

1. Outstanding Materials Engineering student
2. Minimum 3.0 GPA

Smyth Humanitarian Award

Noni Smyth has established a scholarship to be given in the spring or the fall each year to a student who will be participating in a humanitarian effort. The award will be $500 and the purpose is to offset expenses and can be used for travel, clothing, donations, etc.

In order to qualify, a student must be in good standing, a junior, senior, or MS in Engineering, with a concentration in MatE.

The award is not based on GPA, but in the case of a tie, the committee will consider previous service to humanity. It is not necessary to complete the FAFSA, but candidates must apply to the Materials Engineering Selection Committee in writing in the spring. Some of the agencies suggested are: Peace Corps, Teach for America, AmeriCorps, Lifewater and Vista.

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